We have sent the application to participate in Fellowship 2024/25 Application Form / Стипендиальная программа 2024/25: форма заявки. 

We hope to be accepted to participate


How the organization came to be

When mass arrests of Muslims began in Xinjiang, repatriates who had previously arrived in Kazakhstan began to worry that they would lose contact with relatives remaining in the camps. At that time, ethnic Kazakhs could come to Kazakhstan under the repatriation program. These were mainly people from Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Russia and China. Everything was going well until 2017.

THEN MANY LOST CONTACT WITH RELATIVES IN THE CAMPS. People created a volunteer group to find out what was going on and began to talk about it publicly. Initially there were about ten volunteers. I started working in the organization in 2019. Volunteers organized a group and called it “Nagyz Atazhurt Eriktileri”. They accepted requests from those looking for relatives in Xinjiang. We helped people write statements, collect data of lost people – addresses, photographs and documents. So, they made videos and uploaded them to YouTube. This gave good results. Foreign journalists became interested in the materials and began writing about these cases. In 2019, the foreign press held conferences in Almaty. Many of those arrested began to be released.


Announcement about the opportunity to participate in the international conference:

If you are interested in it, you should follow the link above


Our Public Association transferred 102 000 KZT to support people who are struggling against the flood in the North Kazakhstan region, Petropavlovsk city, Kyzylzhar district, Beskol town. The fund was transferred to the bank card of the activist by name Kalipa, to buy necessary things: gloves, sacks, shovels, headlamps, for those who are voluntarily working days and nights. The purchase receipts are attached here: receipt_16803897550

This is the link to the video with buying and delivering things to the volunteers: